The PFDR Motto

“Quality, Professional, Affordable Mediation to help you settle without going to Court."


The PFDR Mission

At Perth Family Dispute Resolution (PFDR), our mission is to provide quality, professional and affordable Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution by fully experienced, Nationally Qualified Mediators (NMAS) and Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and keep you out of Family Court.


The PFDR Vision

Our vision is to facilitate a mutually agreeable resolution and reduce the stress on you and especially your Children.


The PFDR Service Promise

All PFDR Mediators are fully experienced, Nationally Qualified Mediators NMAS and Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners who specialise in Family Law Disputes, that's  all we do ! We specialise in the drafting of Parenting Plans; Financial Settlements and Property Agreements . We will act in a totally unbiased and impartial manner taking into consideration the legislative requirement under the Family Law Act to act in your 'Children’s Best Interest's'.

In most cases we will offer you an appointment immediately or where this is not suitable, PFDR will make an after hours or weekend appointment at NO extra charge.


The PFDR Price Guarantee

Perth Family Dispute Resolution acknowledges Healthcare cardholders and offers a concessional rate.

Please call us today for an obligation free quote or alternatively fill in the ‘Request an Appointment’ form on this page.


Other reasons why you should choose PFDR Mediators:

  • Our Mediators have valuable life experience and the ability to  Mediate in a non-judgemental and understanding manner.
  • We are trained to provide unique options for resolution of your specific circumstances.
  • We Specialise in Family Law Mediation e.g. Parenting Plans, Financial Settlement and Property Agreements.
  • We are Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and able to issue Section 60I Certificates under the Family Court Act.
  • Have a legal background and training and therefore a sound understanding of the Law as it pertains to the Family Court, Property Rights and Parenting Issues.
  • All PFDR Mediators and FDRP’s maintain ongoing professional education to ensure the highest standard of professional service.
  • Understand the love of a parent and will always act in your ‘Child’s best interest’.
  • Can write any formal Property Agreement, Financial Settlement or Parenting Plans that may be agreed upon.
  • Are understanding of the financial strain to both parties upon separation and always attempt to keep costs as low as possible.
  • We collaborate and work cooperatively with other professionals such as the Legal profession, government agencies, counsellors and child psychologists.