Price guarantee

We are very cognizant of the fact that money often becomes tighter during separation, so we try to make mediation as affordable as possible. At PFDR we take pride in our motto of “Quality, Professional, Affordable Mediation to help you settle without going to Court.”

We acknowledge that government assisted mediation may not be beneficial for everyone. Wait times can be quite lengthy and moderate income earners may not benefit financially where services are means tested. Long wait times can add to overall costs if your ex-partner is left free to accumulate further debt. In addition, speedy access to a Parenting Plan is essential to help protect your Children from the negative effects and undue stress of any ongoing Parental Conflict, which is damaging if allowed to continue long term.

EFTPOS Available

PFDR has EFTPOS payment options available for your convenience.

No waiting lists

Perth Family Dispute Resolution will get the process started quickly. Generally we will answer your enquires immediately or phone you back on the day of your contact.  The initial intake meeting can usually be arranged straightaway, if not an after hours or weekend appointment will be offered at not additional cost.  Mediation meetings are similarly organised in a timely fashion pending upon both parties mutual availability.  The initial intake session one off fee covers all phone and written communication with your ex-partner. Mediation charges are based upon an hourly rate per person and are usually scheduled in 3-hour sessions. We can formally draft any Parenting Plans, Financial Settlement or Property Agreements for a modest fee. There are no other hidden costs involved, all administration and the preparation of necessary correspondence for both parties during the course of mediation is included.

After hours and weekend appointments

Perth Family Dispute Resolution offer after-hours appointment times to assist clients in a speedy resolution of their dispute and maintain their work commitments. These appointments include early morning, late afternoon or weekend appointments for which there is no extra charge.

Skype and Teleconference

Perth Family Dispute Resolution also offer Skype and teleconference mediation meetings where both parties cannot be physically present or distance to travel is a factor.

Perth Family Dispute Resolution acknowledges Healthcare cardholders and offers a concessional rate.


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