“Quality, Professional, Affordable Mediation to help you settle without going to Court”

Perth Family Dispute Resolution provides Affordable and Professional Mediation for Separating Couples and Parents that require Property Settlement; Financial Settlement or a Parenting Plan at an affordable price.

With our mediation process we resolve conflict via the following methods

  1. Face to face at our office
  2. Face to face at your place
  3. Face to face at a mutually agreed premises
  4. Phone conference
  5. Video calling (Skype, Facetime)
  6. Shuttle mediation (Separate room, high conflict mediation)

Perth Family Dispute Resolution has Nationally Qualified Mediators NMAS; Specialist Family Mediators and Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners that understand the stresses involved when relationships break down. PFDR will provide both Parties with totally unbiased non-judgemental options to settle their dispute outside of Court. This helps you to save money; time and can drastically reduce the stress of separation.

Call us today and find out how we can help you. Our Fully Qualified; Accredited and Experienced Mediators will answer your enquiry immediately in most cases and can make an appointment urgently on the day, after hours or on weekends at no extra charge. We understand you wish to resolve your dispute as soon as possible and we're available everyday from 7am to 7pm

Our goal is to help you come to a mutually agreeable resolution that will reduce your stress and avoid the expensive; lengthy litigation process.

After hours including early morning, late afternoon and weekend appointments are welcome.

Skype and Teleconference mediation are also available when for when distance is an issue.